Saturday, July 19, 2008

some recent raves

I thought I'd share a few things with y'all that I have been really keen on lately and, in some cases, might be worth checking out:

1. The Raconteurs' Consolers of the Lonely: this album is a big, huge monster of a guitar-fest from this side project of Jack White (he of White Stripes fame) and his band of merry men. In my humble opinion, this lays to waste even the best of what he has done with his main gig. The riffs are monstrous, there's lots of whooping and hollering, the songs are first-rate, and there some interesting twists and turns--it's fun from the opening guitar stutter!

2. I went to see Ku Fu Panda and I freakin' loved it! Now, it's no secret that I think Jack Black is hilarious, even if each character he plays is rather similar (except for that wuss in The Holiday), but this movie was brilliantly funny and really interesting art-wise. I am not a big art or comic geek, but this was a visually appealing movie and one of the most interesting animated flics, if not the most interesting, that I have ever seen. An old youth leader of mine and Andy's was the surfacing director for the movie and he told Andy that he is more proud of this film than any other in which he's been involved for Dreamworks. I can see why. You can read about Wes' involvement in the movie here and here.

3. Jamaica Mistake and Brianna's Homestyle Poppyseed Dressings: I sometimes get excited about little things and these two salad dressings are something that I get very stoked about. I love a good salad dressing and these two get the nod as my favourites. If you haven't tried them, you should check them out...

4. The Dark Knight: a pretty darn killer movie and perhaps the best Batman yet. Heath Ledger definitely stole the show and he was downright sinister and disturbing. I will say no more because so many of you haven't seen it yet, but sufficed to say, it was very good.

5. I finally have my own workspace--a big desk, shelves, a place where I can put my stuff and I must admit, it makes me feel like a big boy! I am enjoying being a professional and the responsibilities and duties entailed with it. My supervisors are brilliantly supportive and reasonable, showing confidence in what I can do. I can honestly say that I truly enjoy my job very much.

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