Saturday, July 19, 2008

oh come on admit it! (for you music fans)

Music fans (or more succinctly music nerds), no matter how discerning, always have songs, albums, and/or artists that they are ashamed to admit they like (or liked at one time) for fear of ridiculed and perhaps even cast away by their other music nerd cronies.

I am going to tell you one of mine in the expectation that you, my readers, will admit at least one of yours for the rest of us out here in the blogosphere--you can use of the "Comments" link at the bottom of the post. So, as for me, here goes: I love the song "Lovefool" by the Cardigans. Definitely NOT COOL. If someone serves up a really big one for me, I will admit something that's even more embarrassing. But, until someone admits something that's worthy of my complete humiliation in return, the floor belongs to you guys...

P.S. No ANONYMOUS or aliases for your confessions. Have the guts to own up and tell us who you really are!


chris said...

wow - where to start... so many "uncool" favs!

how's this one: Elvis Presley's single: "In the Ghetto" me a lump in my throat everytime.

Album wise, I thought of : Supertramp "Breakfast in America", but of course that couldn't qualify because its TOTALLY AWESOME...let me think on it a while :)

Kathleen said...

ummm. Lovefool is an awesome song (maybe slightly annoying, but totally wicked and catchy...and much darker than you'd think when you listen to what she's actually saying), and the Cardigans are a totally underrated band.

Just so you know.

My guilty admission is the Backstreet Boys Millennium - I wasn't one of those girls who loved them and had all their albums. I just had this album. And I actually put it on my iPod. I am embarrassed to confess that. Honestly, while being intrinsically crappy by its very nature, it's really a super well-crafted pop album

Anonymous said...

This comment is here purely for entertainment. There are no good reasons to like this song other then some part of my brain says that it is good. Not all will like it, and less will admit they they liked it, the rest will laugh thinking what a loser I am. I think this is the point.

My nomination for most embarrassing song is C+C Music Factory's Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). I am sure it was on Jock Jams or something, and maybe all the sports I watched as a young teenager got to me.

PS - The Cardigans are good. My Favorite Game is awesome, so Matt you have to come up with something a little deeper then that. Hootie doesn't count either.

Posted by Mike Lambert (Not afraid of the ridicule)

Eric said...

I might still have Aqua's "Aquraium" album around... and I might occasionally play it... and I might occasionally sing "Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones..."

But my music taste is otherwise impecable.

James Kingsley said...

i have consistently touted my love & appreciation for the master of the panflute so that's nothing new. plus, it's not really a "guilty pleasure" if your taste is better than everyone else's now is it?! ;)

that said, if i were to list another album of the "lesser appreciated by those of fine taste in sound" variety, I would have to say that i also really like Abba Gold. That album is the bomb.

I also was once caught really really enjoying a travis cover of britney's "hit me baby one more time." i didn't even realize the trap i'd fallen into until the chorus hit me (no pun intended). and you know what? - with the right production (british guy, singing falsetto with a guitar) - it's actually a good melody.

and matt - as i'm sure you know by now, your "confession" was pretty weak. time to tell us which avril song is your favorite okay...

michael said...

I have little if any shame, so I can't claim any guilty pleasures.

The bands (not including 'christian' music) in the CD case most likely to cause groans, eye rolls or shocked expletives:

Air Supply
Edwin McCain
Little River Band
Sammy Hagar

impactmatt said...

I don't think you like most of my music Mr.Bing, so you would probably snub most of my collection... but I have a few "classy" Christian CD's...

swing praise and some crazy-ass disco christian music... they were cheap and incredibly hilarious. Worth every penny!