Wednesday, September 27, 2006

roasting some Black Eyed Peas

I was reading on of my favourite Canadian music web pages and came upon this article from the Winnipeg Sun that just rips the Black Eyed Peas. This is a group I loathe on principle because they are talentless chumps who just sample other people's music and then attempt to call themselves "artists", arguing that they have serious "street cred". My wife, being a woman of discerning musical tastes, also loathes BEP, especially Fergie and so the more she read of the article, the harder she cackled. So, if you are in the same camp as us regarding the Black Eyed Peas, enjoy:


Anonymous said...

"What you gon' do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I'ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps. (Check it out)"

Agreed, BEP sucks! Who the hell with any muscial taste would want to listen to that crap (besides my husband, who has absolutely garbage taste in music!)


Anonymous said...

...but you know all the words and let's face it, don't tell me you haven't gotten the Bing man drunk off your lady lumps???? Just for the record I am not a fan, and have seen them live at the Grey Cup in BC, boy was that a terrible show.

Mike Lambert

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should clarify, Michael. "Lil'Bing" is also know as "Sister Bingham", don't think that I have gotten MY BROTHER!!! drunk off of my "lady lumps" Ever heard of

Megan said...

What a fantastic article! however.. they neglected to criticize my most hated aspect of Fergie.. those ridiculous skirts that are basically just belts- but all around they did a great job. Thanks for the link.