Saturday, November 07, 2009

what I learned tonight...

I was at a pottery studio opening tonight for Caitlin's cousin and it was good to be there to support her, especially because she's actually a fantastic potter. Despite this, I did have a few things reaffirmed for me throughout the course of the evening:
  1. I hate small talk. With a passion. However, I must admit that it was refreshing to not have one single person ask what I do for a living so that I didn't have to explain that as a librarian I don't get to just sit and read books all day.
  2. Really fancy cheeses smell like stinky feet.
  3. Caitlin is more of an introvert, but a far better 'mingler' than am I. She looked downright comfortable shooting the breeze with strangers. I was ready to leave after about a half an hour, after having a beer and way too much Almond Roca.
  4. Speaking of which, I love Almond Roca and I'd forgotten just how tasty a treat is this little delicacy--English toffee wrapped in chocolate and almond bits. Delightful.
  5. Gazing pensively (in this case at the art on the wall/shelves) is a good way to keep people from talking to me when I'm not feeling particularly social. I employed that at least 12 times during the evening...
Like I've told people, sometimes it's not our initial discovery of something that is most enlightening to us, but rather its rediscovery. Such was the case tonight.

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DP said...

Always good to reaffirm things that you already know!

You and Shawna remind me more and more of each other!