Monday, August 10, 2009

real-life advertising

I was just imagining how hilarious it would be if things were advertised for what they truly they are. Here are some good examples:

Canadian Tire: "we sell crap, you can't find anything in our store, and we're always understaffed."

Tim Horton's: "we've made millions upon millions peddling mediocrity in both coffee and food, yet you all still eat here because of how 'Canadian' we are!"

Matchbox Twenty: "we write inferior, boring lyrics and are absolutely banal musically. We define adult-oriented, no-talent soft rock."

The possibilities are endless...

Do my readers have any good ones to share with me?


Michelle said...

One I have previously posted on my blog is about a certain bus company..

Greyhound: We may not pick you up on time & we may not get you there on time, but, you can suck it.

or a certain communications empire..

Rogers: So, we can pretty much do whatever the hell we want & you still will likely have to give us your money...sometime.


Nutella: spreadable chocolate, where's the bad?

Frank and Megan.. said...

I do believe that Tim H, is now owned by the Americans. So you can add that in there also.

katrina said...

i definitely agree about canadian tire. i just HATE them!

The Renegade Librarian said...

Katrina! I was just wondering where you'd disappeared to! How are things?