Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a potpourri

Yes, yes, I know, I haven't posted a thing since Halloween. I have had writer's block, as well as being very busy at work and so I just...haven't bothered, to be honest. I have been reading more lately and have a couple new albums that I've been listening to as well...


I have been trying to read The Shack since my small group is reading through it, but I haven't been able to do it. It has very little to do with the content or the message, but rather the writing is just so bad that I can't get past it. I am especially struggling with the highly cliched, dramatic similes that continually pop up. However, I did make a promise to someone I love that I would actually read it and I plan on keeping that promise, cheesy bad writing and all.


I have been listening to the new Snow Patrol and the new Ray LaMontagne over the past week or so and neither release has disappointed me. Snow Patrol builds on their past two releases and I think that this album is their strongest yet, though the hooks are a bit more subtle (at least in my opinion) than those on Final Straw and Eyes Open. Ray has come up huge on Gossip in the Grain and it is a great album with a different feel than either Trouble or Till the Sun Turns Black, though it's more similar to the former than the latter. There are some sweet horns, a great tribute to Meg White (she of the White Stripes), his customary beautiful raw sandpaper vocals, fantastic lyrics, and great production (courtesy of the legendary Ethan Johns, who also produced his previous albums). Both of these records are definitely worth a spin.


I have found that the dreary weather over the past couple weeks has made the library's patrons far grouchier, demanding, and rude lately. For the first time, I've found myself having to really stifle my sarcasm and bite back my frustration when people speak rudely to me. I realize that this is one of the hazards of dealing with the public and it's not like I haven't dealt with a lot of it before, but this past week, especially, it was far more consistent than it had been previously. I was "unloaded on" a number of times, both on-person and on the phone. I find it funny when someone freaks out at you for something that: a) isn't your fault, b) you can't change, or c) has absolutely nothing to do with you. However, I still love my job and think I'm blessed to do what I do.


I have been thinking about mercy lately and thinking it's not something that's found in great quantity in our society. These ponderings have brought me to the conclusion that I am often not a very merciful person--in fact, I often love the idea of sticking it to someone, giving him/her what's coming to them. After all they deserve it, right? And therein lies the problem; I am such an arrogant jerk sometimes that rather than choosing to be an instrument of mercy and peace, I knowingly choose to be a smug, rude, and even cruel because of the feeling of satisfaction I derive from it. What the hell is wrong with me? How many people have willingly shown me mercy and love when I haven't deserved it? I'll put it to you this way: names are springing to mind faster than I can mentally bat them away! Needless to say, this is something I will be spending some time praying about and asking for forgiveness for...


This picture of Obama and McCain is absolutely hilarious and apparently NOT PhotoShopped:

I would love to hear some of my readers' captions for this baby! I must thank Colin McT for bringing this photo to my attention on Facebook. Colin is just so money and he doesn't even realize it!

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michael said...

I laughed my ass off when Andrew Sullivan posted this picture as his face of day right after the debate.

Seeing it again a few days after Remembrance Day, my reaction is different. Somehow it seems wrong to speak of honoring those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, then laugh at a man who looks funny because his arms were broken while he was a prisoner of war.

I'll be the first to call his presidential campaign disgraceful and I'm glad he lost; however, it does not erase, or nullify the decades of good service that John McCain gave his country.

It reminds me of the story in the Bible where Noah's sons find him drunk and naked ...