Tuesday, August 26, 2008

slightly disconcerting

I know someone, who shall remain anonymous, whose parents actually dress people's food for them (without asking, I am told) before serving it. Now I, personally, find this borderline offensive. What if I don't want a huge slab of butter on my veggies? What if I am lactose intolerant and thus butter gives me "trouble"? What if I am watching my sodium intake and thus don't put salt on my food? I was having a discussion about this and it really threw me for a loop because I can't understand the motivation behind it. For me to enjoy my meal thoroughly, I should be the only one with input into how it is seasoned--the idea that someone would wrest that control from me makes me extremely uptight, unless they asked me if I would like something on my food. That being said, I would still prefer to do it myself. A strange custom, this...

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