Sunday, June 15, 2008

things I endorse

The following is a short list of things that I, the Renegade Librarian, presently endorse:

1. Welch's grape jelly

2. T-shirts with witty comments on them

3. Fender guitars (sadly, they won't actually pay me to endorse them, but I do nonetheless)

4. Young Lions of Pop Design

5. Nesquick chocolate milk powder

6. killer mix tapes/playlists (of which I am the self-styled king of making)

7. Yarns from M

8. public libraries, the hubs of our communities

9. Mott's Clamato (thanks to Chris for this one)

10. wicked split jumps (amply demonstrated here by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam)

While this list is far from exhaustive, it should give my readers a pretty good idea of what I believe to be some of the finer things in life...


Michelle said...

RE: #2 - this is my current fave in the genre

RE: # 5 - the liquid blends faster

RE: # 7 - awww shucks! Thanks for the shout out...although I'm afraid, much like Fender, I will not be paying you for your endorsement, unless you'd like a fine handbag in lieu of cash.

RE: # 8 - damn right! (the academic ones are pretty good too!)

RE: # 9 - ew.

beth said...

RE: # 9 - DOUBLE EW.

AJ Renton said...

Gonna have to add a triple to that ew.

Just plain disgusting. Who in their right mind happily DRINKS vegetables AND shellfish.

Anonymous said...

Heinz Tomato is much tastier!

The SPro said...

I'll back you up, Matt. I like Clamato too.
Too bad I am allergic to tomato...
On another note, have you ever tried Beefamato?

R-Town said...

11. R-Town.