Monday, June 23, 2008

the run-around and other stuff

This was a very busy weekend, but a Caitlin and I got to spend time and have fun with people we love so it made it totally worthwhile. That being said, I am more weary than I recall being in quite awhile and this week will see lots of work and an interview on Wednesday (that, as of right now, I am completely unprepared for). Your thoughts/prayers are appreciated for my interview because I feel like I really bombed my last one and so I am hoping that I will get a chance to redeem myself with this one, now that I know a bit more of what to expect in terms of questions and the presentation component.


Thanks very much to the always wonderful Michelle for this great article on "guybrarians". I always enjoy reading things that reveal the typical librarian stereotypes to be false, with no real basis in reality. I love being a librarian...


I have been on such a music kick lately--there has been a lot of listening to new stuff and I have been receiving recommendations from my network of music-loving friends and fellow musicians. My post on Christian music stimulated some talk and I have yet to face any death threats from my faith community, which is a good thing I venture. I was also accused of hating pop music by one of my good friends (I think it is just because I don't worship the Beatles, but I can't be sure if that is the only criteria by which he so viciously judged me!) My life would be so much less full without the presence of great music to point me in the right direction and there isn't a day that goes by where I am not thankful to God for the gift of music that He has given to me.


I had an interesting work week last week--for some reason it seemed like everyone was on edge. I was lipped off by patrons every single day, though my favourite had to be the guy who I happened to look over at for a split second, where the moment I made eye contact he rudely asked me "can I help you?" It took a lot of control not to throw down on him, but I managed to calmly and politely say no and continue on with my work. What the heck?

I wish I had more interesting stuff to write about, but these days my life is not that interesting...and I seem to be suffering from some writer's block. I hope it gets mentally dynamited sooner than later or my blog is going to be more boring that watching paint dry.

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michael said...

There are two holes in my Matty Hates Pop theory: The Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crows.

Despite such glaring evidence to the contrary, I will continue to espouse my disproved theory as absolute truth. I think this absurd position is safe to take because my original statement (The Bing likes to rock) still stands.

I should also hold up your own justification for your dislike of the Beatles "I am far too badass to be a Beatles guy"

Face it Pony Boy, you're a greaser not a soc.