Thursday, June 05, 2008

it's time to rant, folks!

CBC is not renewing the license on the Hockey Night in Canada theme song! What kind of B.S. is that??? I am wait, I am OUTRAGED at this atrocity. What's next, axing Don Cherry? They tried it with Ron MacLean and look what happened there...


I was killing time today in Mayfair Mall, just wandering around, when I came upon a sign outside RW & Co. that went something like this: work here: as inspiring as our brand! Oh yeah, totally! Because when I was young, I always dreamed of working at a clothing retail store in a suburban shopping mall performing menial tasks for $8.50/hour! So inspiring!


To you men out there, trying to peek over the divider between the urinals when I am in mid-stream is AGAINST PROTOCOL. Please don't do it, it makes me uncomfortable.


My name is not Mark or Mike. Please don't call me by either of those names or I will not answer you.

That is all.


Sarah said...

No more Hockey Night in Canada?! That's basically like getting rid of the National Anthem.

You are horrible for even suggesting that they might get Rid of Don Cherry. If he was gone, who would I look to for fashion advice?!

Oh, and nice posting today, Mike. You're on a roll. :]

Michelle said...


I think that the ousting of Don Cherry would be lovely, then I would never have to hear him again, but they should keep the song...and I don't even like the hockeys.

RW & Co is a great store, nice skirts, I got a sweater there on sale for like 7 bucks! That's inspiring.

I would comment on the urinal thing, but it's creepy and I really don't have anything else to say about it.

impactmatt said...

whatever your name is,

i was wondering how long it would take you to post the theme song thing. come on... CBC has to pay Dolores (i think thats the composer's name) 500$ everytime they play that song! she is such a one trick pony! She has been living off that forever! I wonder what she does during the summer though.

and I think you should show off your penis proudly! or get a tattoo on it that says "don't look"

what kind of bathrooms are you frequenting?