Saturday, May 24, 2008

what an outrageous claim!

I have no interest in Sammy Hagar as a musician in the least nor his new "supergroup", but the claim he made in this article must be repeated below because it's the most ludicrous music-related statement I've heard in the past little while:

"When people hear the music, it's Led Zeppelin. It's as good as that. I know that's a mighty bold statement... We could rival Zep."

You're right, Sammy, that is a pretty bold statement, also one that is so far beyond ridiculous that I don't even have the words. Even the idea of you comparing yourself and your (as yet untested) group to the mighty Hammer of the Gods is farcical. I would stick to churning out your crappy, polished 80's rock and praying for that long awaited Van Halen reunion...

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michael said...

Satriani? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Roth tried it with Vai in their youth and couldn't top Van Halen. That's the tequila talking Sammy.

John Mayer, Flea, Brian Blade, Eddie Vedder and Chris Robinson ... maybe you've got something to work with.