Friday, May 16, 2008

preparing myself

Weekends seem to fill up with commitments, no matter how hard you try to keep them clear for R&R. Today I am working from 10-2, then I am helping out with an all-night youth fundraiser starting right after work. I then must head straight back to work for 10-6 tomorrow, then to a going-away bash for two of my closest friends. That's a lot for an old man like me to do in the span of two days--I leave my house this morning and chances are I won't be back until later Saturday night. I pray I can get some sleep at this all-night thing so that I am able to function well tomorrow. Sunday sees me doing triple duty at the Place: pre-Place coordinator, playing the guit-box, and then counting the evening's offering. At least I am not booked for work on Monday, as of yet, so I may be able to catch up on precious lost hours of sleep...

1 comment:

AJ Renton said...

It's 4:00 AM.

Where Matty?

Oh wait, he went home at midnight.

So much for the ol' all-nighter he was complaining about. I still got 30+ kids running around that refuse to go to sleep.

Ah well, it's been fun. Just finished some baseball in the gym... can't beat that!