Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I don't have anything of great consequence to say, but I will follow in the footsteps of both Michelle and the Ontarian Librarian with the posting of some random thoughts, musings, etc.

One of the most exciting things about the post-Easter period, for Caitlin especially because of her love of sugar, is that the stores put all the chocolate and candy on sale for half price; we're pretty stoked, I'm not going to lie. She came home last night and said to me "I may have bought a treat for us, and by may I mean did." I immediately, having not seen anything that was in the shopping bags, shot back "I literally bet my right arm that it's Cadbury Mini Eggs!" Her response: "the Family Pack." Gold.

I used to love to talk on the phone when I was younger, even in my early 20's, but now I hear the phone ring and all I want to do is ignore it. It's almost like I have become afraid of it. Why is that?

Goats are hilarious, especially baby goats. The local Shaw channel (channel 11) had a live feed of the petting zoo goats at Beacon Hill Park that Caitlin and I were watching with the Rentons on Sunday and we were finding it more entertaining than what was on TV. I think we must have sat there for no less than 15 minutes watching the baby goats leaping off the stumps, kicking out sideways, randomly hopping straight up in air and then tearing around as well as climbing on the backs of the adult goats. It was hilarious, though I was slightly dismayed when Caitlin turned to me and said "let's have pet goats." No thanks.

I am very fortunate that I exist in a community of musicians and hard-core music appreciators, many of which I can count as good friends. The reason I love this is because they are a constant source of encouragement to me as I wrestle with my guitar, they are available for questions technical or otherwise (thanks Colin), and we exchange ideas as well as recommending artists and albums for each other to listen to. With music being such a huge part of my life, I am very blessed to have these people around me.

I find that, shock of shocks, I struggle with patience. The latest episode to try my patience occurred while I was waiting in line at the till in a store recently. A woman decided to pay for her purchase (a bill of $16+) with small change and it took forever for her to dig through her purse as she she dropped coin after coin on the the metallic counter: tink, tink, tink (nice use of onomatopoeia). It started to drive me crazy after about two minutes, but by the third minute I was thinking to myself, "oh please, this is getting a bit ludicrous." I chose the line because it was short and I thought I'd be in and out very quickly, but this lady had other ideas. She also felt the need to endlessly count and re-count what she had dropped on the counter so far--bahh! I finally took a few deep breaths (silently, so as not to be obvious to the woman and cashier) and started working out the chord progression to a song ("One Day" by the Verve, if you are curious) in my head so as to pass the time and calm myself. I have issues...


Sarah said...

Yes! Finally, someone else who has watched the Shaw goats!
Every year, my friend and I watch the little goats for hours on end. Last year, we even named a few of our favourites.
I only watched it for a few hours this year, but I felt like a piece was missing out of my Easter...

beth said...

this is the first time in months i've missed having a television. :( i didn't even know they showed the baby goats at easter... it used to be rabbits.

AJ Renton said...

The goats are amazing. When I found the goats Sunday morning I eagerly called the attention of the Binghams and my wife and I was excited to receive such a joyous response (especially from Caitlin). It's usually just me who is so easily amused.

I must admit, I have watched a few hours of the goats (even though it's just an hour loop, I don't mind the rerun) since Sunday ;)

On another note, I have prided myself on the inner patience I feel when in grocery lines. I have this unearthly joy in watching people do their thing. I especially enjoy watching all the inpatient lineruppers like Matt. They roll their eyes a lot.