Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"you've been...THUNDERSTRUCK!!"

GALLOPING GOAT NIPPLES, BATMAN! I was definitely just witness to some of the best thunder and lightning that I have yet encountered during my 27 years. My mom and Jimmy the K both warned me that the storms could be pretty intense out here in London and they weren't joking! The weather afterwards has been very Victoria-esque: rainy and windy. Feels just like home!

Library school is pretty intense, that's for sure! I never read this much as an undergrad (probably because I seldom, if ever, did my readings unless I was going to be tested on them during my time at UVic!) and they are throwing assignments at me left, right and centre. I have been at school from 8-10 hours each day for the past week and I have FIVE things due next week and so I had better get back to my readings now. Oh, the life of a librarian in training...

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Zac K. said...

Sounds like time to take one of those speed-reading courses Batman!
How's the lovely wife enjoying her new job? Making enough to get by and pay for your microwave popcorn on those late nights?