Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the joys of grocery shopping

I just made a little trip to Country Grocer to do some shopping and I must say that I thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Sharing a food bill with the boys for the last 3 years meant that I didn't get to have as much say over the items purchased as I would have liked. Eventually, I surrendered my will and effectively gave up. But today, I got to buy what I wanted and my cart looked great. An abundance of fruits and veggies, no Kraft Dinner, no 3000 different types of crackers because they were "on sale" (classic excuse for overbuying), and no Dad's Cookies (might as well eat sawdust!). I found the whole thing very relaxing and therapeutic as I leisurely strolled through the aisles with my list. I didn't purchase anything particularly unhealthy and I am feeling like I am back on the path to getting my fitness back. The bike is ready to hit the road and now I have the healthy food to back it up. I think I will volunteer to do the grocery shopping after Caitlin and I get married...


Anonymous said...

haha yeah I kinda got sick of french toast dinners... hmmm I wonder who made those...lol

Jason said...

And what about the less expensive produce at the market that some one always said they would pick up on the way home from work . . . oh ya . . . French toast for dinner . . . what the hell. Also I think there is a difference between "surrendering your will" and giving up. And by the way for store bought cookies dad's oatmeal choc-chip are the only way to go, I don't care what anyone says.

In my defence.

That rant over, I must agree that it is nice to be able to shop and not worry about the cost or what others will want or not. But I guess thats the challange of living with room mates, and we really did save quite a bit.