Friday, February 19, 2010

hope, continued...

I have been pretty stuck on thinking about the nature of hope lately (see this earlier post) and I came across this quote in a piece by Russ Masterson on the Burnside Writers Collective website:

Hope implies waiting. You hope for things to come. That means you have to wait for those things to arrive. I don’t remember hearing in Sunday School that hope has a nasty side—waiting. I hate waiting, whether on waitresses, cashiers, drivers, my wife, God. So in my impatience, even as hope attempts to rescue me, I fight hope like a drowning man does his rescuer.

My biggest struggle with being a person who lives in hope is that, much like the author, I am an incredibly impatient person and I want results NOW, not later. I want things to happen in my time and according to how I think they should occur. I'm still learning that life doesn't work that way and that the God I profess to believe in is not going to work on my terms or timeline.

That can be a tough one to work through. And I'm still working through it...

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