Saturday, May 30, 2009


As I have done with a few other people, such as Jimmy the K and Cindy Davis, I wanted to take the opportunity here on the Dynasty to promote someone whose art I truly believe in and that has personally touched the lives of Caitlin and I on more than one occasion. Our friend Sarah has launched an art blog called SPro•ductions in order to showcase some of her work, both past and present. She is one of the most talented artists I've ever known and works in a variety of styles and media, all to stunning effect. Her pencil sketches of my nephew Ryan and my quasi-niece Leilani, all on her new site, were jaw-dropping and literally brought tears to my eyes as they were so well (and lovingly) done.

Sarah recently applied to a program for youth ages 15-20 who
display knowledge of the fundamentals of art and a natural talent for creating art, for which you must be referred in order to apply (which she was!). This program is offered through Emily Carr University of Art and Design and it would allow her to graduate in two years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, for which she has said she would do a Drawing concentration.

Sarah is the most all-around talented teen that Caitlin and I have ever met (she does many things very very well) and her gift and love for the visual arts is obvious, as is her ability, when you see her site. So do yourselves a favour and go check it out--you won't be disappointed! She is even taking requests for drawings--just click on the Request A Drawing button at the top her homepage!

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