Friday, October 10, 2008

odds and sods

I have been, as usual, extremely busy and thus my constant promises of more "meaty" updates must sound very hollow--for this I am sorry. There is a lot happening in my life and it just hasn't left me time for posting. I have been thinking about many things, have been listening to some (great) new music, and have even been finding time to read every once in a while. I have even (shock of shocks) gotten annoyed about certain things as well! Not that that happens often...

Anyway, Doves' Lost Souls and Travis' The Invisible Band have been the two albums that I have been spinning most. I had the chance to listen to a bit of the new Dylan Bootleg Series discs, thanks to my stepfather, and I was impressed with what I heard (don't buy the deluxe edition as it's supposedly a real rip-off for what you get).

I have been reading The Book of Lists: the Original Compendium of Curious Information (Canadian edition) and have been enjoying all the weird and wacky things I have been learning. It's the perfect book for a librarian, especially one of the renegade variety like myself. This volume will help bolster my "Did You Know?" series here on the Dynasty...

The Leafs blog is going to be kicking into high gear now that the regular season has started. Check out my post about last night's (extremely surprising) win against the Cup champion Detroit Red Wings!

There has been a lot of theological "stuff" on my mind lately, through stuff I have been reading and listening to as well as dialogues I have been having with friends and loved ones. However, I have not sorted all this out in such a manner that I can present it with any coherence here. Plus, I also don't want it to be a rant. There is always that danger with The Renegade Librarian.

That's all for now!

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