Friday, July 04, 2008

the worst song cover in history

We Canadians can be proud of the fact that one of our own (as much as that fact eats me up) is responsible for the perpetrating the worst act of musical homage in history. View it here.


michael said...

Sadly you are correct. One would hope that this is the worst that a Canadian could do.

impactmatt said...

That was a while ago at that Divas thing or something... check out this version... I am sure you will like it better.

chris said...

Didn't like it eh? Here I thought Caitlin and I could rock this one when she leads music at the Place. Open with "Did you Feel the Mountains tremble" and then caitlin staps on the high heels for "You, shook me all night long [jesus]..." It does have a great backbeat!