Tuesday, July 08, 2008

a cornocopia of fascinating things

I have had a whirlwind past couple weeks. It hasn’t even been work that has been keeping me busy, but rather a whole lot of socializing. I also have been staying up far too late and eating many rich and fattening foods, which has contributed to an unsettled stomach and continual lethargy over the past few days.


I recently finished Late Nights On Air by Elizabeth Hay and it was a stunningly good read, one of the finer novels I can recall reading in a long time. Her use of language and the manner in which she coloured her descriptions was really quite inspiring; it made the book all the more interesting than it already was, plot-wise. I would venture that she is one of the finest talents in CanLit. I don’t read much Canadian Literature, but as a librarian I feel like I have the right to make this call…


I am pretty stoked to receive my copy of Stuff White People Like, the book based on the hilarious website that I find myself constantly reading. In conjunction with this, on Stereogum, was Chris Rock's review of the free Coldplay show in New York--totally hilarious. The book is going to be very very funny and I am placing it on my Amazon order today. I may have to recommend it for the GVPL collection too!


I found this article on Canada's future in The Tyee actually gave me the chills. It discusses the potential ramifications of the Security and Prosperity Partnership between us and our neighbours to the south (including Mexico). Scary stuff...


Dubble Bubble gum used to be a real favourite of mine, but it increasingly tastes crappier and crappier to me, not to mention the fact that it loses its flavour in under three minutes. I wonder if it was always that gross and, like most kids, I just liked it? Or has its quality diminished over the years since I was a child? The one candy that has never let me down in the 29+ years that I have been alive is Willy Wonka Nerds. I love Nerds, but since I am not a candy-munching freak (unlike certain other people in my life--you know who you are!), I tend to only buy them a couple times a year. I bought some on Saturday night at 7-11 and they are sitting on my dresser unopened since I am trying to save them and I know that I will eat them all in one sitting once I crack them...

I have only one truly self-centred ambition or dream for myself before I leave this earth and as far as these things go, it's a relatively small one. I want to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. I have been thinking a lot about running lately: how much I miss it, how happy it makes me, how good it is for my mental/emotional state and how I was always a naturally talented long distance runner. What has prevented me from running for the past couple years, other than my myriad of freak leg/knee/ankle injuries is fear of the pain that I remember so well, which totally discouraged me and ultimately sidelined me. However, I know that if I love something that much and want it to be a part of my life, I need to overcome my fear and do what's necessary to get back to it. I am seeing physio visits and rehabilitation exercises in my future...

I am sorry that there haven't been too many "original" posts lately. Believe me, I make note of things to blog about constantly and so there should be no shortage of material, especially now that I am working in such an entertaining environment! I am enjoying my first couple days as GVPL's Multicultural Services librarian and look forward to the coming year!


Anonymous said...

I have a story about double bubble: I remember very clearly a time as a small girl playing on the sidewalk in front of my house in the summer. I found a light-pink, flat, gooey treasure which made a long warm elastic line between the sidewalk and my fingers before being stuck into my mouth. I chewed, and it really didn't have much flavour - though it had lots of grit. When my mom asked what was in my mouth, I was still at the age of blurting out the truth innocently. "Gum!" Her facial expression and tone of voice had me immediately spitting it into her hand. The next time I found a treasure I was a little more discreet about it.


Emily said...

Dude, a BQ would be awesome. There are so many amazing stories about Boston... If I ever decide that I want to run a marathon, I'll totally want to BQ. I'm still happy running just over 5 miles at a time... but I'm realy tempted to run the half in Detroit in 2009 (can't in 2008, coz of work) because the course is so cool. Good luck with the training!