Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cindy Davis live @ Metro Studio Theatre--Jan. 20, 2008

Before I get to Cindy, I must take a moment to mention Justin Hewitt, the opening act both nights, because he is an excellent singer-songwriter with an arresting voice (thanks for that adjective, Jimmy, hope you don’t mind that I nicked it!) and songs that just sneak up and captivate you. Rarely can a person armed with an acoustic guitar mesmerize me like Hewitt did (with help from a friend on electric and pedal steel guitars)—there was a real purity to his voice and an emotional nakedness to the songs that really touched both Caitlin and I. I am looking forward to listening to his album, which can be found on iTunes or from his website.

You could pretty much just read my review of last night’s show and then add that famous description that was first applied to Led Zeppelin, that of being “tight, but loose” and that would give you a pretty good idea about the power of this show. From the start Cindy appeared less nervous and her voice was even stronger than Saturday, displaying more attack and even greater dynamic control. The cover of Coldplay’s “Amsterdam” (the song to which my wife Caitlin walked down the aisle on our wedding day) was even better, the funky power of “Philosophy” with its duel guitar lines even more pronounced (complete with a scorching guitar solo courtesy of Colin McTaggart), and the spine-tingling “U2 moment” of the last song was that much more “U2-ish” (totally not a word, but let’s go with it…). This was really a superb night of music compliments of one of the best young Canadian artists out there. Period. Thanks once again to Cindy and Co. for all their hard work in putting these two evenings together. Speaking for all who attended, we can't wait until the next time!

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