Monday, September 04, 2006

"it's been a long time since I rock and rolled...."

Truth be told, I am listening to Norah Jones, not the mighty thunder of Zeppelin, but the title seemed to fit the post since I have not written anything on my blog since July 24. It HAS been a long time since I rock and rolled on The Bing Dynasty. Now that I discovered that I am leaching free wireless off of one of my neighbours, I should be updating a bit more when I have the time. I have brought my rock and roll revue here to London (as well as the only 1989 Nissan Sentra in the city) and am looking to inject some friggin' rawk into snooty old UWO. School is a bit scary, but I am going to be okay I think. Anyways,

Things I like about London so far:

1. gas prices

2. food prices

3. low rent

4. nice public library

5. only Marble Slab Creamery (best ice cream ever!) this side of Alberta

6. nice church community

Things I don't like about London so far:

1. our parking garage smells like rotting garbage because of the dumpsters

2. people drive like psychos

3. Bell Canada, which sucks so bad I can't even quantify it

4. kids who throw rocks at your car

5. snotty people at the info booth at the mall

More to come later, my peeps...


Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back up and kicking the Dynasty !!!

By the way, we've been missing you in Victoria ... while we may be a bit snotty, last time I checked, the kids here don't throw rocks at your car.


Jason said...

Hey, good you see you back online, lucky deal with the free internet. I trust you had a realativly uneventful move, you are already missed, but I'm working on getting over it, just give me some time ;-). oh, and reagarding the driving, thats just how the rest of the world drives ouside of Victoria, don't worry, they may slow down to victoria speed when the snows come.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking rock and roll, maybe i will mention a little double disk that I recently bought since departure of the Bingham's.... Melon Collie and the Infinite Saddness (Smashing Pumpkins). A yeah good stuff, ahhh music from the ninties (sex, drugs, and ock and roll, oh wait sixties right?) I guess the ninties were more grunge, still drugs, and the spawning of more boy bands. Anyways, caution some may not like it, but I would say comparable if not better then say RHCP new double disk.

Awww yeah... talk soon.

Mike (oh yes) Lambert

gillian said...

dood, don't knock London too hard, my Godparents live there ;)
Seriously, good to hear about life again. I saw some wedding pics on Janis' camera and you guys looked great. Congtats again!

Anonymous said...

AAHHHhh i friggin miss you like the constipated miss pooing. Do you feel settled yet? Are feeling more comfortable at school? i'm very excited about the fact that you are 'sharing' wireless internet. i'll write you an email with a more detailed account of what's going on in my life.